English and Pinyin Translations

of Mao A Min's Songs

Any corrections or additions to the translations are welcome. Send them to the webmaster.

The lines shown in these translations are generally of the form:

  1. Normal English translation for meaning words.
  2. Direct literal translation to English.
  3. Pinyin. Here the numbers have been replaced by "\" for falling, "/" for rising and for (3) "^". Of course, the "^", is upside down. If anyone objects to these 'improvements' upon pinyin, contact the webmaster, and they may be converted to standard pinyin.


The lyrics of these songs are useful for English speaking people, learning Chinese, and possibly Chinese learning English. These songs are on many of Mao A Min's CDs.

This web site does not sell CDs, and the music cannot be posted here without permission. Identification numbers for CDs and a DVD are posted here, so that fans can order them from their favorite source. This is not a complete list of all of Mao A Min's CDs and DVDs.

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