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Woman       (MAMtrack6)
Nv ren      translated by Liu Wei Wei and Hu Xiao-Chun

(You send a letter that comes from afar)
   Distant-ly you  send  come from letter
Yua^n yuan de ni   ji\   lai  de   xi\n

(Your heavy heart is enclosed.)
  Heavy     of enclosed  -ing  your    heart
Che\n che\n de zhuang    zhe   ni de   xin

(Why don't you forget me after so many years?)
  Why   already past (past) many year, You  still dont forget me  ?
Ze^nme  yi^     guo\ le     duo  nia/n, ni^ ha/i  me/i wa\ng  wo^ ma

(I slowly open your letter, for what? You did not treat her well.)
slowly   -ly   open  your  letter for   what?  You  not care well  her
ma\n ma\n de  da^kai ni^de xi\n   we\i She/nme ni   bu/ kan\ ha^o  ta

(Who causes you pain this way? Immediately feels like I am the one that is hurt.)
is   who   ! Cause you this way   pain , immediately lookslike hurts me  same
shi\ shei/ A li\ng ni  zhe\ ya\ng to\ng, jiu\        xia\ng    shang wo^ yi yang

((I) have loved once and dreamed once)
Love (past)  once    , also dream (past)  once
Ai\   le    yi cha^ng, ye^  me\ng le     yi cha^ng

(Why can I not stop thinking about you and wanting you the same way again?)
Not consider no  want  , I   again may   why    pattern(manner)
Bu\ si\      bu\ xia^ng, wo^ you\  ne/ng Ze^nme yang

(A woman's heart is like snow, cold as ice.)
Daughter heart intestines lookslike snow a  appearance ice  cold
nv er    xin   chang\     xiang\    xue^ yi yang       bing le^ng

(Only asking to have your sunlight change it(melt).)
only ask  have your  sun   light immediately  to change into (past)
zhi  yao\ yo^u ni de ya/ng guang jiu\         hua            le

(Gentle thoughts return to(about) you.)
gently gentle-ly gently gentle-ly return to   your  body person
qing   qing   de qing   qing   de hui/   dao\ ni de shen bian

(Feels like yesterday,) 
immediately lookslike yesterday day , 
jiu\        xia\ng    zuo/      tian,

   (a light red blush on top of my face.)
   lightly light-ly paint on top  a  trace red   color
   da\n da\n di     tu/   sha\ng  yi si    hong\ yan/

(I quietly wish for yesterday.)
quietpeaceful -ly  wish   a   wish  yesterday
ji\ng ji\ng   de   xia^ng yi xia^ng zuo\tian

(In my mind, I see your eyes.) 
profound  -ly your  eyebrow your  eye , immediately in   my   face  before
shen shen di  ni de mei     ni de ya^n, jiu         zai wo^de mia\n qia\n