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U.S. Naval Training Station, Great Lakes, Illinois - 1943

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Sullivan Cave Trip July1986

Salamander Cave Circa 1985

Fence's Shadow       (MAMtrack9)
Fence  wall   of shadow      translated by Liu Wei-Wei
Li/ ba qiang/ de yin^ zi     

(That star is still that star)
Star star still  is   that   star star (exclamation)
Xing xing hai/   shi\ na ge\ xing xing  yo

(The moon is still that moon)
  moon       still  is    that   moon
Yue\ liang\  hai/   shi\ na ge\ yue\ liang\

(The hill is also still that hill)
Hill also  still  is    that    hill
Shan ye^   hai/   shi\ na\ zuo\ shan  yo

(The girder is also still that girder)
girder also  still is    that    girder
Liang/ ye^   hai/  shi\ na\ dao\ liang/  yo

(Roller is roller, vat is vat)
  Roller is    roller   vat  is   vat
Nian^ zi shi\ nian^ zi, gang shi\ gang yo

(Father is father, mother is mother)
Father is   father,        mother is   mother
Die    shi\ die   ,  lai/  niang/ shi\ niang/

(The sesame oil lamp is making a buzzing sound)
Sesame oil  lamp     still  (a "zhi zhi" sound)  make a sound
Ma/ you/    deng  a, hai/   zhi zhi de            xiang^

(The light is still so bright)
Light a fire      still  is    so much      bright
   Dian^      de  hai/  shi\   ne\ me   de  liang\

(No meaning)

(Why is only the shadow of that fence still so much long)
Only      that  fence    wall   shadow   why  so much  long
Zhi^ you^ ne    li/ ba  qiang/  yin^ zi  zha  na me    chang/

Zhi^ you^ ne    li/ ba  qiang/  yin^ zi  zha  na me    chang/

(Still there is that dog which looks after the house)
still  have  that   look after the house       dog
hai/   you^  ne         kan jia            de  gou^

Loud barking
(cry out...)
Jiao ya jiao de jiao ya jiao de

(Why so angrily)
Why          so      crazy
Zha  jiu   zhe\ me   kuang/

(Why doesn't the star look like the star)
Star star why don't like that star star
Xing xing zha bu/ xiang\ na\ ge\ xing xing yo

(The moon also, is not like the moon)
  Moon        also  don't like     that     moon 
Yue\ liang\   ye^   bu/   xiang\  na\ ge\ yue\ liang\

(The river also, isn't like the river)
River  also not  is     that      river
He/    ye^  bu/  shi\  na\ tiao/  he/

(The house also, isn't like the house)
House also  not  is     that    house
Fang/ ye^   bu/  shi\  ne\ zuo\ fang/

(The mule has given birth to a small foal)
Mule give birth to (past) one small foal
Luo/ zi xia\ le ge\ xiao^ ma^ ju yo

(The crow has become a coloured phoenix)
crow      become      (past ) coloured    phoenix
Wu ya   bian\ cheng/  le      cai^ feng\  huang/

(The sesame oil lamp has run out of oil)
Sesame oil lamp cut off oil
Ma/ you/ deng ya duan\ le you/

(Why isn't the mountain village night as bright?)
Mountain village        night   why not   so much  bright
   Shan cun       de   ye\ wan^ zha mei/  zhe\ me  liang\


(Only the shadow of that fence is still so long)
Only       that  fence   wall    shadow  still so much long
Zhi^ you^  ne    li/ ba  qiang/  yin^ zi hai\  na me   chang

Zhi^ you^  ne    li/ ba  qiang/  yin^ zi hai\  na me   chang

(The bean sprouts have crept up and filled the wall)
At   that wall               still 
Zai\ ne\  qiang/ shang\ bian hai/ 

creep  full          bean sprout
pa/    man^ le  ( hai/ pa/man^le) dou\ jiao^ yang