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I Don't Want To Be Hurt By Love Again
translated by Luo Yong-Hao and David Lu (MAMtrack12)

My heart is not wandering anymore
heart already not again wandering
xin   yi^     bu\ zai\  liu/ lang\

      many things that hurt, are already gradually being forgotten
      many    hurt  feeling of thing already gradually forget
     xu^ duo  shang gan^    de shi   yi^     dan\      wang\

Life still continues,
   life    still  in   to continue
sheng hua  reng\  zai  ji\ xu\

      I still have many attractive things to pursue
      still  have    many   attract person of desire
      hai/   you   xu^ duo  you\    ren    de yu\ wang\

Changing the season of your mind, you will get new feelings
change  one change season    is   new of one kind   feeling
huan^   yi  huan^  ji\ jie/  shi\ xin de yi  zhong^ gan^ jue\

I'd like a few minutes, to tell you the expectations I carry
carry   few  minutes  expectation  for   you  tell
chuai\  ji\^ fen      qi^ pang\    dui/  ni^  jia^ng

I don't want to be hurt by love again
I   no  want   again   by   feeling hurt
wo^ bu\ xiang zai\ ci\ bei\ qing/   shang

I don't want to be disappointed by love again
I   no  want   again   to be disappointed
wo^ bu\ xiang zai\ ci\ wei   chou/ cheng

I only want to steal a pair of inflated wings to fly to paradise.
I   only want  steal a  pair  wing puffed  to go paradise
wo^ zhi  xiang tou   yi xuang chi\ pang     qu\  tian tang\

Quickly gives me cold moonlight
quick give I   cold   cold   of moonlight
kuai\ gei^ wo^ liang\ liang\ de yue\ guang

Quick, let me softly imagine
quick to let I   soft soft-ly imagine
kuai\ rang\  wo^ qing qing de huan\ xiang^

Quick, listen as I sing you a quiet song
quick listen I   quiet quiet -ly song sound
kuai\ ting   wo^ you   you    de ge   sheng

floating in the sky
 to float  in   heavenly
piao1 fu/  zai\ tian shang\

Every day careful makeup and combing,
every day   fine fine comb adornment
mei^  tian  xi\  xi\  shu1 zhuang

the pair of eyes in the mirror, will look at me
mirror in     that pair     eye    will  I   look
jing\  zhong  na   shuang yan^jing jiang wo^ wang\

it looks like she asks me,
good like   she in   ask  I
hao^ xiang\ ta  zai\ wen\ wo^

whether or not I look like I did yesterday
is   not  also is   yesterday's   imitate appearance
shi\ fou^ hai/ shi\ zuo\ tian de  mo/     yang\

gathering a bouquet of special roses
gather a few bunch rose  extraordinary
cai^   ji^   shu\  mei/  gui1

      I sprinkle them in the wind, then I chase them
      sprinkle in    wind  in    let   I   chase
      sa^      zai/  feng1 zhong rang\ wo^ zhui1

then grab them, and carve my mood on a tree.
then afterwards grab    mood       carve tree on
ran/ hou\       ba^   xin1 ching/  ke\   shu\ shang\

wo^ bu\ xiang zai\ ci\ bei\ qing/ shang
wo^ bu\ xiang zai\ ci\ wei chou/ cheng
wo^ zhi xiang tou yi xuang chi\ pang qu\ tian tang\

kuai\ gei^ wo^ liang\ liang\ de yue\ guang
kuai\ rang\ wo^ qing qing de hang xiang
kuai\ ting wo^ you you de ge sheng

piao1 fu/ zai\ tian shang\