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U.S. Naval Training Station, Great Lakes, Illinois - 1943

Fort Gordon Basic Training 1962-1963

Sullivan Cave Sump Trip 1985

Sullivan Cave Trip 1985-1

Sullivan Cave Trip 1986-1

Sullivan Cave Trip 1986-2

Sullivan Cave Trip July1986

Salamander Cave Circa 1985


Many formations in caves take thousands or hundreds of thousands of years to form. As such they are priceless and irreplaceable. So that others may be able to enjoy the cave...

NEVER break any formations!

NEVER take anything out of the cave except trash!

DKs Back

An original 'Sullivaneer' Darrell Kirby standing on a rock at Bob's Fall. So named because Darrel and Bob Larsen were moving gear from an expedition and Bob fell here, dislocating a shoulder on the rock that is being stood on. Darrell secured Bob's shoulder with rope and proceeded to help get Bob out of the cave. Once a caver steps off this rock, the water is about 4 feet deep.

Darrell Kirby reported that in the 1960's, he had seen salamanders (mud puppies) that were one foot long just past Armstrongs Folly. He also saw, in the same area, transparent crayfish and could see their hearts beating. He also saw transparent crayfish at the for North Y area. Sadly, none of these were seen in the mid 1980's.

Bathtub Crawl

A bathtub crawl at the First Bathtub. This was long considered to be the end of the cave, because when Art Davis originally saw this, it was flooded shut.

Bathtub Crawl

Another view of the First Bathtub.

Break time

Taking a break in the Coliseum Room.

Ends in sump

The cave ends in a sump at the emergence of Sullivan River.

Ends in sump

Another view of the sump.

Happy at the end

A happy caver has reached the end of Sullivan's cave.

Curious at the end

The Sullivaneer considers trying to go farther!



at the end

Caver standing at the end.

stuff left behind

Stuff left behind from a cave survey in the mid 1960's. It was a food cache. The red cans are white gas. See black phone wire at upper center. A phone was used for police to give daily weather reports to the expedition cavers.


Caver sitting at the sump.


Another caver resting.




This is the Volcano, which is visible shortly after exiting the Surprise Room passage, before Room Zero.

A very tired caver

A very tired caver.


M&Ms snack or cold hamburgers.




Gear after a six hour cave trip.