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U.S. Naval Training Station, Great Lakes, Illinois - 1943

Fort Gordon Basic Training 1962-1963

Sullivan Cave Sump Trip 1985

Sullivan Cave Trip 1985-1

Sullivan Cave Trip 1986-1

Sullivan Cave Trip 1986-2

Sullivan Cave Trip July1986

Salamander Cave Circa 1985

U.S. Army Training Center

Fort Gordon, Georgia

Company D, 1st Battalion, 1st Regiment

1962/63 Winter Class Graduates

Pictures from the Yearbook

Fort Gordon sign

The familiar sign to all entering Fort Gordon...in 1962.

yearbook cover

The cover of the yearbook for the 1962/63 Winter class.

Fort Gordon PX

One of the few color pictures in the yearbook, is the PX/cafeteria shown here.


The cadre of training personnel that molded soldiers.

Range Officer

Shooting from the prone position, while the range officer looks on.

Range Officer

Shooting behind cover.


Throwing the 'pineapple'.


Infiltration...laying down on the job...NOT!


Finally graduation.