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History of the Sky (MAMtrack7)(vcd MAO19#8) translated by Wei-Wei Liu
History  of sky
li\ shi^ de tian kong

The glint and flash of daggers and swords were dim
  dim     (sword glint dagger shade)
an\ dan\ (dao guan jian ying)

The contend of ancient battle drums and horns went far
for   go      drum horn   contend
yuan^ qu\ le^ gu   jiao  zheng ming

Distinct faces were floating before my eyes one by one
eye  before       fly up       one by one  fresh alive of   face
yan^ qian/    fei yan/ zhen^   ye ge\ ge\  xian  huo/  de mian\ kong

dusty yellow ancient roads were submerged
 drown      yellow dust ancient road
yan mo\ le\ huang  chen gu      dao

the city beside the beacon fire was allowed to lie wasted
lie wasted     beacon fire beside city
huang wu   le\ fen/   huo  bian   chen

years you can't take away these . . .
  years      you take not go   those
sui\ yue\ a^ ni^ dai\ bu\ zou^ ne

several strings of familiar names
one string  string  familiar     name
yi  chuang\ chuang\ shou xi  de xing ming

who can decide rise and fall?
rise fall  who   can   decide
xing wang\ shui\ neng/ ding\   a^

Dont they have any basis for prosperity and decline?
prosperity decline   dont   basis
sheng\     shuai    qi^ wu/ ping/  a^

the wind and cloud had blown over
one page wind cloud disperse    changed            times
yi/ ye\  feng yun/  san\     a^ bian\ huan\   le^ shi/ kong

Getting together and away all were fate, 
together away all is  fate
ju       san  jie shi yuan/ a

leaving and coming together were always related to feelings.
leave together always relate feelings
li/   he/      zong^  guan   qing/    a^

Take on something before death, why to haggle over the discuss behind you.
(Take on)  born  before thing     why count body behind discuss
(dan dang) sheng qian/  shi\  a^  he/ ji\   shen huo\   ping/

Chang Jiang intentionally turned to tear
             intentionally turnedto  tear
Chang/ Jiang you^yi\       hua\ zuo\ lei\

Chang Jiang was all heart to begin to sing a song
             have feeling begin (song sound)
Chang/ Jiang you^ qing/   qi^   (ge sheng)

Several stars were flickering in historical sky
history  of     sky      flicker   several star
li\ shi^ de^ tian kong  shan^ suo\ ji^ ke  xing

A kind of heroic spirit was riding in the world
The human word one       hero         in   (bestride)
  ren/ jian    yi\ gu^  yi xiong/ qi\ zai\ (chi chen^ zong\ heng\)