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U.S. Naval Training Station, Great Lakes, Illinois - 1943

Fort Gordon Basic Training 1962-1963

Sullivan Cave Sump Trip 1985

Sullivan Cave Trip 1985-1

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Sullivan Cave Trip 1986-2

Sullivan Cave Trip July1986

Salamander Cave Circa 1985

     (MAMtrack8) (vcd MA019#8) translated by Liu Wei-Wei

ke^ wang\

For many years I wanted to say how puzzled I was in those years
long long   years  . Want say   in those years very puzzled
you  you  sui/ yue\. Yu\  shuo   dang nian/    hao^ qun\ huo\

True and false are difficult to accept or reject.
Also true also false difficult get throw
yi\  zhen yi\  jian^ nan/      qu  she

Once we had joys and sorrows, partings and reunions.
sorrow joy   parting reunions all    once     have
bei    huan  li/     he/      dou  cen/ jing you^ guo\

We get together to think of the past and the future
past      future   together  think
guo\ qu\ wei\ lai/ gong\    zhen zhuo

In endless life we seek ups and downs.
long  long   life      road up     down  seek  seek
man\  man\ ren/ sheng  lu\  shang\ xia\  qui/  suo/

Our hearts desire the sincerity of life
heart middle  desire      sincere    of   life
xin   zhong   ke^ wang\   zhen chen/ de^  shen huo/

who can tell me whether it is right or wrong
who   can     tell    me  is  right or   is   wrong
shui/ neng/ guo\ shu\ wo^ shi dui\  hai/ shi\ cuo\

Ask guests who are going north and south
ask  ask  south come north go    of  guest
wen\ xun/ nan/  lai/ bei^  wang^ de^ ke^

Forget the kind acts and resentments, keep the original true feelings and talks.
kindacts  resentment   forget   keep down true feelings from  head say
en        yuan\      wang\ que\ liu  xia\ zhen qing/    cong/ tou/ shuo

Each others company in the world; A family of ten thousand twinkling lights.
each other company the human world ten thousand family light fire
  xiang    ban\     ren/     jian;   wan\       jia    deng  huo^

There are not many stories, just a common, one section song
 story   not many, justlike    normal     one  section song
gu\ shi\ bu\ duo,  wan^ ru/  ping/ chang/ yi\  duan\   ge
Think of the past and the future together.
  past    future    together  think
guo\ qu\ wei\ lai/  gong\    zhen zhuo/