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This site serves to publish historical information, technical information, and information that is, for the most part, not available at any other website.

A study was done to see which type of tomato produced tomatoes the quickest, and document the weight of the tomatoes. The literature was examined, and the three fastest yielding tomato types were "Large Cherry", "Marglobe", and "Stupice".

The Great Lakes Illinois link gives a glimpse into training that sailors received during WWII, as well as rare photos of some of the buildings at the training station.

For a slightly more modern view of army basic training, see photos from a Fort Gordon yearbook. These are from circa 1962

The link to Chinese singer Mao A-Minh, has English translations, with pinyin, of many of her most popular songs. These can be an aid to learning Mandarin, or just as English versions of the lyrics.

MAXHITEK.COM is newly created and is a sister site to MAXHIGHTECH.COM. New pages are being added constantly.

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